Price List

To make things easier for us, my prices follow a simple rule: Each degree of complexity of the finished artwork has a base value. That value is multiplied by the features you want, and by the number of characters in the art. This gives us the final price, which might be paid in two parts (one when I start the sketch, the other when I start the coloring process), or be paid in full, which gives you Priority, and I’ll finish your drawing as quickly as possible.


Work in progress, sorry!


Work in progress, sorry!

Flat Color

Work in progress, sorry!


Work in progress, sorry!

Soft Shading

Work in progress, sorry!

Want something? Read this!

I’m an artist for hire and while I do want what’s best for both of us, we need some certain rules so that everything is completely understandable for both of us. Below is a simple list of subjects that I’m not willing to draw. If the content you wish is in the Don’t list, I’m sorry, but I’m not going to do it, no questions. Anything that isn’t in any of those lists? Ask up! Due to the nature of adult artwork and the required privacy needed to draw, NSFW commissions take longer to deliver.

If you want your piece to be private, tell me beforehand! You may contact me through the Contact Form below, or through notes!

If you need more details, feel free to check out my Terms of Service.







Excessive Gore


Micro / Macro / Hyper